Coolair Systems
VRV Advantages

Individual control

Conventional systems air-condition a building as a whole, whereas the VRV system air conditions each room individually. Hence it is ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building. Even further, precise level control is possible that reacts to the exact conditions in each room. Individual control promotes a far more economical and efficient system.

Saves energy

Using the HRV for ventilation dramatically boosts energy efficiency.

Conserves space

Space efficiency is enhanced by the compact size of the individual units, the long maximum piping length, and the ability to realize a largescale air conditioning system with a single piping circuit.

Offers a wide selection of models

Lineup of heat pump types and cooling only are 5 to 54 HP, and both in 2 HP increments*. Indoor units consist of 14 types with a total of 79 models. This wide selection of models makes it possible to build a system that perfectly suits the customer's requirements

* Except for 5 HP

Operates over a broad temperature range

The lower end of the operating temperature range in heating has been extended from –15°C to – 20°C.

Provides superior design flexibility

  • The extended maximum piping length gives more flexibility when designing the system.
  • Layout changes can be made easily because the capacity of the indoor units can be up to 200% that of the outdoor units.
  • New compressor technology eliminates the need for piping calculations, which shortens the time needed for design.
  • Outdoor units can be placed on the roof where they have no effect on the design of the building interior.

Enhances ease of use

  • Units are designed to operate quietly, and are also equipped with a function for silent operation especially at night.
  • The controller is easy to operate and has many useful functions. Units can be controlled in each individual room.

Delivers ultimate reliability

  • The self-diagnostic system identifies problems within the system quickly and accurately.
  • The Auto Restart function ensures that operation is restored with the previous settings even if the power has been shut off.
  • Units are controlled in each individual room, so local malfunctions does not cause the entire system to shut down.

Simplifies installation

  • The lightweight, compact units can be transported using a regular lift.
  • Units can be installed on each floor.
  • The pipes are few in number, making layout simpler.
  • Inspection after installation is straightforward.

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