Coolair Systems
 Commercial Air conditioners
They are always there, just like air. The reason why, air conditioners should have simple designs that merge smoothly with our daily lives. And Coolair System's subtle flat panel design blends seamlessly into any room interior.
Quiet, decor-blending form and easy installation in new or old buildings.Flexibility in installation location. Installation is also simple.
Superior air distribution for comfortable living. Unit can be mounted in the ceiling and air can be delivered freely by duct.
Floor Standing
The floor-standing configuration means the FVY is easy to install and maintain. It can also be installed under high ceilings.
VRV system air conditions each room individually. Ideal for the constantly changing occupancy of a typical building.
Our Services
We are committed to assist Architects, Corporate etc., with total air conditioning solutions.
Provide accurate heat load calculations.
Designing ducts for efficient air distribution.
Timely execution of contracts.
Efficient and prompt after sales service.
Designing new air conditioning systems.
Designing ventilation systems.